Switch Garment: Technical Brief (series)

Switch Garment, a project funded by the European Union and jointly implemented by Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) Cambodia, Textile, Apparel, Footwear & Travel Goods Association in Cambodia (TAFTAC) and Geres, aims at ‘Promotion of sustainable energy practices in the garment sector in Cambodia’ (“Switch Garment”). The objective of Switch Garment is to increase the competitiveness and decrease the environmental impact of the Cambodian garment industry through sustainable production.

One of the major components of the Project includes conducting energy audits and capacity building through trainings as well as developing knowledge products. Knowledge products include a series of ‘’Technical Brief on Sustainable Energy’’ mainly designed for the industry energy managers. This will help building awareness and thereby promote the best practice approaches for implementing sustainable energy practices in garment industries in Cambodia. Notably, the Briefs are useful for energy managers in other industries as well.

The Technical Briefs will provide key highlights presenting opportunities to adopt sustainable energy practices in the main equipment and utilities in the garment sector, as well as possibilities for renewable energy integration.

A total of 8 Technical Briefs will be prepared in three languages (Khmer, English and Chinese). The link will be regularly updated as soon as next Technical Brief is ready.

Switch Garment Technical Briefs:

Solar Photovoltaic System

Lighting System