Sustainability After COVID-19 Webinar

On April 21, GGGI Assistant Director-General and Head of Investment and Policy Solutions Division (IPSD), Ms. Susanne Pedersen, participated as a panelist in the Sustainability After COVID-19: Voices from Leading International Organizations Webinar Series. The event, hosted by the Green Growth Knowledge Partnership, virtually gathered leaders from international organizations, including GGGI, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the World Bank, and United Nations Environment Programme to provide insight on some of the critical elements around sustainability after COVID-19.

During the discussion, Ms. Pedersen explained that GGGI is continuing to support over 20 countries with the development of their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), which remain crucial despite the new challenges brought by COVID-19.

She also shared that GGGI is working to support its Members during this crisis by promoting the integration of socio-economic benefit assessments and the creation of green jobs, mentioning an upcoming GGGI study on renewable energy employment assessments in Mexico, Indonesia, and Rwanda to demonstrate that a lot of green jobs can emerge from renewable energy investments.

“We all have a responsibility to try to, of course, assist and also to provide technical assistance to provide funding,” shares Susanne. “We’re already now preparing some COVID-19 Green Recovery Packages. We’ve so far, developed two concept notes that combine an element of income support for out-of-work people with the greening of the recovery.”

Watch the full recording of the webinar by clicking here.