Success for the “Mobilizing Finance for Green Energy Projects” Initiative in Vanuatu

The “Mobilizing Finance for Green Energy Projects in Vanuatu” program, an initiative that was implemented by the Department of the Energy and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) from 2017 to 2019 has recently come to an end. The project produced several results, including mobilizing over USD 2 million in new funding leading to new projects being implemented in the area of green energy. Another major achievement was the setting up of a new energy-sector financial institution aiming at enhancing long-term growth and development of the energy sector in Vanuatu – the National Green Energy Fund.

“The Global Green Growth Institute aims to provide support to the Government of Vanuatu that will have direct impacts on strengthening rural livelihoods whilst contributing to achieving Vanuatu’s sustainable energy, green growth and climate action targets as articulated in the Vanuatu National Energy Road Map (NERM), the Vanuatu Nationally Determined Contributions Road Map and the National Sustainable Development Plan”, said Katerina Syngellakis, the GGGI Pacific Regional Representative.

Some of the main activities of the project included preparatory works towards establishment of the National Green Energy Fund (NGEF), several capacity building workshops conducted with government officials and the private sector on Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy  Efficiency (EE) technologies and practices, contributing towards organization of the first-ever Climate Finance Trade Show for private sector in Vanuatu, support to develop the NERM Implementation Plan, and development of a Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Guide for Tourism Bungalows in Vanuatu.

The NGEF was formally established in 2018 through legislation passed in the Vanuatu Parliament. The Management Board was appointed in 2019 and the NGEF Operations Manual was adopted. The NGEF started disbursing funds to its first projects at the end of 2019. More information on NGEF establishment, operationalization, and its investment program can be accessed through The Mobilizing Finance Towards Green Energy program was also successful in securing funding from the Government of Luxembourg for a Solar Water Pumping Project, to strengthen resilience to climate change in 24 communities, which is currently being implemented and managed through the Department of Water Resources, with GGGI’s support. The program also supported a Solar Freezer Project for 10 off-grid rural tourism bungalows in 2017, which has resulted in improvement in the bungalows’ services and increased income earnings due to additional services and products offered.

“GGGI has been a great development partner to work with and we are grateful for these achievements. We look forward to continuing this collaboration through our current projects with GGGI. The Department of Energy also acknowledges other development partners’ support to assist us in achieving our NERM and NSDP goals,” said Antony Garae, the Director of Energy.

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