Strengthening of the Colombian Roundtable for Sustainable Livestock, reflected in 2019

The GGGI Colombia team has been contributing to the Colombian Roundtable for Sustainable Livestock, providing support to the Technical Secretariat of the Roundtable. The Roundtable closed the year of 2019 on December 10, with an event attended by 25 entities, evaluating the progress and highlighting the achievements of 2019. This included the strategic articulation between market and knowledge management, putting emphasis on the definition of the principles, criteria and indicators of what makes Sustainable Livestock.  

Colombia’s role at the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef was recognized due to its positioning of cattle grazing in a way that is respectful of the cattle, the environment and natural resources. Many Colombian livestock farms are held by small producers, with livestock activities generating more than 910,000 jobs, and contributing to 1.6% of the national GDP   

At the regional level, work of the Roundtable was focused on the formal consolidation of twelve (12) Regional Roundtables of Sustainable LivestockThese Regional Roundtables will strengthen institutions to allow for better policymaking, the instruments that implement them and their due follow-up. 

The Roundtable served as a platform for participants to come up with plans for a workshop to feature the current uses and sources of sustainable livestock, with the aim of articulating the various technical, financial and institutional actors as well as providing a working methodology to support the action plan being established into a new policy currently being processed by the Government of Colombia 


Carolina Jaramillo

GGGI Country Representative

Bogotá, Colombia