Strengthening Burkina Faso national MRV system: Stakeholder’s capacity building on data collection, processing, and analysis with kobotoolbox and kobocollect.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso- From June 14 to 18th, 2021, GGGI in collaboration with General Directorate of Green Economy and Climate Change (DGEVCC) within the Ministry of the Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change (MEEVCC), organized a training workshop on mobile data collection, processing and analysis with KoboToolbox platform and KoboCollect application.

This training was held within the framework of the implementation of the project “Development of the national Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system in Burkina Faso” implemented by GGGI and financed by Sweden.

This training took place at the National Forest Seed Center (CNSF) and brought together more than twenty participants from national institutions such as: the National Technical Secretariat of REDD +; the Technical Support Office of the General Directorate of Green Economy and Climate Change (DGEVCC); the Permanent Secretariat of the National Council for Sustainable Development (SP/CNDD); the General Directorate of Sectoral Studies and Statistics (DGESS) within MEEVCC; the National Institute of Statistics and Demography (INSD); and the General Directorate of Renewable Energies (DGER). The attendees are technicians involved in the collection, analysis and measurement of greenhouse gas emission and climate change mitigation and adaptation actions for the national MRV system strengthening.

The training workshop was aiming to build technical capacity of key institutions of national MRV framework on the design and operationalization of interactive data collection, processing, and analysis system via kobotoolbox online platform and kobocollect mobile application.

Combining theoretical and practical approach, the trainees learned and reinforced their knowledge and skills on: (i) the fundamentals of the mobile data collection system;(ii) the setting up of KoboCollect application on smartphones and tablets,(iii) the design of online and XLS forms and their uploading on the Kobotoolbox Platform; (iv) the automation of the calculations in the digital collection forms; (v) the downloading of a questionnaire and the encoding of data using a tablet or a smartphone; (vi) data organization and collection; (vii) Monitoring and managing the database of collected and transferred data; (viii) the process of transferring the collected data to the Excel software; (ix) data analysis

Moreover, participants were able to apply the knowledge acquired on previous paper-based survey questionnaires. Physical data collection form for pilot projects and projects with potential/Redd+ initiatives has been used to replicate the questionnaire on kobotoolbox online platform. The designed online form has been deployed to be used on kobocollect application with smartphone. As part of the assessment of the workshop, the trainees also reproduced a proposed evaluation questionnaire using kobotool and then filled the form that allow practical analysis of data collected.

Overall trainees were satisfied of the results achieved during the five days training workshop and expressed the need to deepen their skills on data analysis with other statistical package.