Yorkie Sutaryo

Yorkie Sutaryo supports the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Lead as an Associate – SEZ and Green Urban Development. Yorkie’s role currently is to conduct research on possible linkages between Special Economic Zones in Indonesia and urban development. GGGI Indonesia is also looking to expand its portfolio into the urban sector under GGGI’s Green City theme. Yorkie will contribute to GGGI’s efforts by conducting research in green city initiatives in the Indonesian context to identify niches in which GGGI Indonesia could support the Government of Indonesia in the development of its urban strategy.

After pursuing his Master’s degree, Yorkie filled in the role of Project Assistant at GGGI Indonesia where he supported the Indonesian team with logistical needs. He was also appointed as the Focal Point for the Green Office Initiative and is responsible for implementing a more environmentally friendly work environment. As of now, he is still responsible for this role.

Yorkie has a M.Sc. degree in Environmental and Resource Management from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands with a specialization in Climate and Policy, while also focusing on cities in the context of climate change and sustainable development. He also holds a BA degree in Policy Studies from Chuo University, Japan with a specialization in environmental policy while also focusing on various subjects including development studies and environment and society.