Yandri Maharum

Yandri Maharum joined GGGI Indonesia on March 29, 2021 as Indonesia’s Senior Assistant for West Papua Province. With around 9 years of experience in profit and non-profit sectors, especially in the field of finance and accounting, Yandri is a quick and creative thinker with exceptional problem-solving skills and has had a great deal of success achieving project and organization goals. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Klabat University in Manado, North Sulawesi.

Prior to joining GGGI, Yandri held several positions such as Project Finance Associate at UNDP Indonesia for LAPOR Project, Raja Ampat’s Finance Coordinator at Conservation International Indonesia, Finance and Administration Officer at WWF Indonesia, and as an Accounting Staff at PT Trakindo Utama and Bookkeeper at a local NGO in Sentani.

With passion in environmental and development issues, Yandri also has a proven track record in managing annual work plan budgets, preparing donor financial reports, developing handover reports of goods and services (BAST) to the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reforms (KemenPAN-RB), and various other administrative jobs. In his spare time, he likes reading books, listening to music, and exercising including playing football, table tennis and badminton.