Ximena Aristizabal

Ximena Aristizabal is the program manager of the DAPA program at the Carbon Pricing Unit. The DAPA Project supports GGGI Member and Partner countries to increase climate ambition through mobilization of carbon finance under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. In this role, she advises and oversees the design of crediting policies for international carbon transactions in four countries.

Ximena holds a master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering from Cornell University in the United States and was trained as an Environmental Engineer from La Salle University in Colombia.

Ximena brings a palpable depth of experience to the DAPA program with over 18 years of industry expertise working largely with international organizations in the design and implementation of climate change policies, with a focus on carbon accounting and carbon pricing instruments.

Part of her experience includes working as the technical coordinator of the Partnership for Market readiness in Mexico. Before GGGI, Ximena offered technical expertise across a wide range of disciplines including; contributing to technical teams for the definition of national mechanisms building compliance with the most updated topics in climate change negotiations such as MRV systems and NAMAs. She also offered technical assistance in the design of the national emission registry and the design and implementation of the national Emission Trading System in Mexico among many others.

A CPU team member that loves challenges and the idea of innovating, Ximena is also an avid scuba diver that loves marine life and has a personal passion for ocean conservation.