Souktaly Vannavongsy

Souktaly Vannavongsy has joined the Lao Country Program as Assistant Cities & Readiness for the GCF Readiness project. Souktaly will be responsible for providing administrative and logistical support for the project, Readiness support to enhance green finance in the areas of green cities in Lao PDR.
Before joining the GGGI team, she worked at the Cleaner Production Center Lao PDR (CPCL) for 1 year and she and as an administrative assistant for the Environment Protect Fund (EPF) for two months. She also had an internship with Oxfam providing administrative support for 4 months, and while she was a student, she volunteered in the Faculty of Environmental Science’s Social Environment Education Development (SEED) Club for 5 years, which focused on environment awareness raising in the schools and community around Vientiane city.
She graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Science majoring in Environmental Science, National University of Laos in 2012 and Faculty of Letters majoring in English Language in 2013.