Silina Tagagau

Silina Tagagau is the Provincial Project Officer of the GGGI country programme on Green Growth and Climate Resilience in Papua New Guinea.
Silina has been working in different projects within different sectors for the past 16 years. The different sectors including the education sector, public sector, transport sector and climate change sector. She has wide experience working with international development projects at the three tiers of governance in PNG. Even though she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and physical geography, her work over the years mostly revolved around social safeguard, gender mainstreaming, community development and stakeholder engagements. She has years of experience in project designing, project management and planning, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation. She is very knowledgeable of the country’s governing structure and systems, the public sector, both at the national and sub-national level, and related climate change work in PNG. Her previous work in Building Resilience to Climate Change project has also given her extensive understanding of climate change issues in the country, which provides leverage to her current position in the GGGI-CRGG project.