Shomi Kim

In August 2022, Ms. Shomi Kim started as Country Representative to Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) Cambodia.

Shomi Kim has 15 years of extensive experiences in project management, strategic planning, research, and resource mobilization in sustainable development. Her expertise lies on sustainable urban development, waste management, green entrepreneurship, and climate finance.

Prior to joining GGGI Cambodia as Country Representative, she was heading the Global Waste Community of Practice (CoP), providing a technical oversight on waste management to 14 GGGI member countries in the areas of policy development, investment mobilization, publication, and regional project development. She also led the sustainable solid waste management project in Lao PDR which was awarded as the most impactful outcome of the year (silver medal) at the GGGI Annual Award 2021 as well as recognized as the best practice case by KOICA for two consecutive years (2020-2021). She was a lead author for the 10-year strategy for sustainable solid waste management strategy for Vientiane and she led the green investment project and carbon trading on a large-scale waste treatment facility in Lao PDR.

Prior to her assignment in Lao PDR, she was based in GGGI HQ developing the green cities development planning, solid waste management, and wastewater and sanitation projects for GGGI’s member countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America including Cambodia, Lao PDR, Rwanda, Peru, Senegal, Morocco and Uganda. As a trained trainer in the field of green cities development, she authored green cities development training module and manual published by GGGI. She published several scientific articles and GGGI’s flagship technical reports in the thematic areas of social entrepreneurship and waste management. She is sitting on the waste wise cities advisory group and an invited speaker to renown international conferences on sustainable urban development such as World Urban Forum and ISWA World Congress.

She holds a Master in Public Policy from the Korea Development Institute (KDI) School of Public Policy and Management.

She speaks English, Korean and Chinese.