Shivenes Shammugam

Dr. Shivenes Shammugam is a Senior Economist in GGGI’s Climate Action and Inclusive Development Unit in Seoul, South Korea. In this role, Shivenes is responsible for macroeconomic analysis of long-term low-carbon development in emerging and developing economies. In addition, he also works on modeling and empirical analysis of climate change impacts and the role of climate adaptation actions in enhancing resilience.

Prior to joining GGGI, Shivenes worked as a scientific researcher in Germany for 8 years, where he worked primarily on modeling and optimization of low carbon energy systems. Within this capacity, he was involved in international advisory projects to develop energy master plans and to assess the long-term economic feasibility of various renewable energy technologies. His research also focused on circular economy and improving the sustainability of critical raw material use for large-scale deployment of clean technologies. One of his last engagements before joining GGGI was to serve as a scientific staff of the German Council of Experts on Climate Change.

Shivenes received his PhD in energy systems and commodity financial markets from the University of Augsburg, a master’s degree in renewable energy systems from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, and a bachelor’s degree in energy systems from the Biberach University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Shivenes has also authored several peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, technical reports, international conferences, and book chapters.