Muhammad Taswin Munier

Muhammad Taswin Munier joined GGGI as the Environmental Policy Officer for Indonesia, based in Jakarta. He is responsible for ensuring that environmental safeguards tools, especially strategic environmental assessments, are applied in Indonesia’s development and spatial plans, and other planning documents at national and sub-national levels, as part of the green growth strategies.

Taswin, as he is usually called, is not a new face at GGGI. Prior to joining the organization, he worked with GGGI as a consultant, assisting the Indonesia country office in preparing the work plan and implementation plan on environmental safeguards and economic instrument for the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. His previous experiences extended to environment-related activities under a Danish-supported Environmental Support Program (ESP), on environmental management as well as new and renewable energy. Taswin also served as a program specialist at USAID Indonesia Environment Office, and at WWF Indonesia in succeeding the Coral Triangle Initiative in the Asia-Pacific region.

In his free time, Taswin enjoys biking, jogging, watching movies, and cooking.