Muhammad Fadli

Muhammad Fadli, or simply known as Ade, is GGGI Indonesia’s Sustainable Landscape Officer. In his role, Ade provides support for the convergence and knowledge-sharing of the experience gained in the landscapes projects. He is also responsible for developing options of development model for the national and subnational institutional and regulation framework to enable good governance of forests, and replicating lessons-learned of East Kalimantan to other provinces in Indonesia in project designs and policies for sustainable landscape management.

Prior to joining GGGI, Ade has been a REDD+ Jurisdictional Approach Expert providing advice on activities related to REDD+, supporting the preparation of the ERPD FCPF-Carbon Fund, especially related to program design, social and environmental safeguards, MMR and Benefit Sharing Mechanisms. He also provided advice for FMU forest management plan. He was a Forest Campaigner (2003-2004) and then the Head of Institutional Development in Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia (2008-2009), the Director of Borneo Ecology & Biodiversity Institute (2005-2008), and the Director of Yayasan Bumi (2000-2003).

His other expertise includes research and development related to institutional development, program development, preparation of social and environmental safeguards, and smart cities. Some of them are researches related to the development of social and environmental safeguards frameworks, REDD+ development of FMU road maps, climate change master plans, provincial level forestry planning, development of conflict resolution frameworks, smart city development, social scoping of peat management, and preparation of the Samarinda Smart City road map.

Ade holds a Bachelor degree in Forestry and a Masters degree in Environmental Science from Mulawarman University, Samarinda, East Kalimantan. He has keen interest on internet and IT and therefore also dedicates himself for his hometown Samarinda as a Lecturer on Social Media, Management Information System, eCommerce and eBusiness, and Technopreneurship in STMIK Sentra Pendidikan Business.