Miguel Alberto Londoño Gómez

Miguel Alberto is a Senior Officer – Green Growth and Post-Conflict based on Global Green Growth Institute Colombia office. Appointed as trusted advisor within the environmental team of the Presidential High Commissioner’s Office for Post conflict, leading the efforts on the design and implementation of sustainable productive projects in post conflict zones; Miguel Alberto delivers an impactful pipeline design of projects for a genuinely sustainable path into peace, in areas where violence had its biggest impact, in order to provide groundbreaking changes on the livelihood of communities and the conservation of Colombia´s natural heritage.

Miguel Alberto has 12+ years of experience on environmental management, REDD+, sustainable development and peace building processes, both with public entities, international cooperation, NGO´s and community based organizations in the field.

He is a political scientist with a focus on international relations and economics, with a masters from the University of Los Andes on peacebuilding studies, as well as a post graded study on innovation by the German International Cooperation Agency -GIZ.