Marshall Brown

Marshall is working with the Government of Vietnam to develop its first greenhouse emissions trade through a policy approach under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. His role includes building the capacity of government stakeholders on carbon finance, and advising them on energy-sector policies that can lead to ambitious, transformative greenhouse gas emissions reductions. Marshall also works to develop partnerships with other international and local organizations in Viet Nam to synergize efforts around carbon finance and the country’s low-carbon energy transition.

Before joining Viet Nam team, Marshall worked with the Government of Jordan on developing the strategic and policy environment for green growth in Jordan. He worked closely with the Ministry of Environment’s Green Economy Unit and Climate Change Department and a broad range of government stakeholders to develop the Green Growth National Action Plan 2021-2025. This  compendium of six sector-level action plans now serve as the foundation for Jordan’s green growth and post-COVID 19 green recovery efforts. Marshall also advised the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and other national and local government institutions in the area of electric mobility and he is a member of GGGI’s Community of Practice on sustainable transport.

Marshall has worked with GGGI for more than seven years, with previous roles in program development and expansion, supporting the establishment of GGGI’s programs in Senegal, Uganda, Nepal, Mozambique, Laos and Myanmar.

Marshall has an MA in International Cooperation from Yonsei University in Seoul, Republic of Korea and a Bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia.