Mariski Nirwan

Mariski Nirwan leads the Indonesia’s Knowledge and Capacity Development Program where she is responsible for the development of green growth curricula and modules and implementation of green growth trainings for civil servants, capacity building programs, and knowledge management including north/south-south learning. Mariski holds a Master’s degree in Economics from California State University East Bay and learned Advertising in the University of California Los Angeles.

Before joining GGGI, Mariski worked in the United Nations Development Programme alongside Bappenas and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as advisor and coordinator of South-South and Triangular Cooperation in her last post. She brings her experience in conceptualizing and piloting a knowledge center initiative within Bappenas, development of modules and training programs for civic education and voters information that she developed with government counterparts to add value to GGGI’s mission in enhancing green growth competencies for Indonesian civil servants.

Outside of work or in her free time, Mariski enjoys karaoke, hunting for new eating and coffee spots, as well as gatherings with friends.