Latifa Sitadevi

Latifa Sitadevi is an NDC Policy Advisor for GGGI in Indonesia. Working closely with the Sustainable Landscapes Lead, Latifa’s duty is working together with the Indonesian government to maintain sustainable forest and land use practices. Also in close cooperation with local government partners, Latifa and the Sustainable Landscapes team work to enhance the capacity of local institutions who are at the heart of forest management in Indonesia. The goal of her line of work is to ensure that best practices are applied with regards to land use and forest resources exploitation. This means that the livelihoods of the people along the forest lands can continue to improve whilst at the same time the carbon capture function of the forests are maintained.

Before joining GGGI, Latifa’s line of experience consisted of research, planning and consultancy. One of her notable experience is at Mercy Corps where she was the Program Officer for Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience (ACCRN). There, she focused on mainstreaming climate change adaptation issues in 8 cities to advocate the importance of Urban Climate Change Resilience (UCCR). Then, Latifa worked as an environmental consultant for RAN-API which is Indonesia’s National Action Plan for Climate Change Adaptation program.

Latifa earned her undergraduate degree of Urban and Regional Planning at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), then she continued to pursue a graduate degree of Environmental Management at the National University of Singapore. Latifa is a certified diver who wishes she has more time to dive all the spectacular reefs of Indonesia.