Inez Darmalia

Inez Darmalia joined GGGI Indonesia in the role of GCF Readiness Project Assistant, effective April 13. Inez was initially introduced to GGGI as Indonesia’s GCF Readiness intern, and continued working with the team as an Admin and Technical Support. Now, as a GCF Readiness Project Assistant, she will be responsible for the team’s communication activities and assisting the NDA and GCF events in Indonesia.

Inez is an urban planning graduate who expressed a strong interest in environmental design and research. As a fresh college graduate, she briefly worked as an academic researcher in the topics of urban farming and river restoration in urban areas. Inez enjoys exploring issues around urban planning, which she devotes through an independent writing platform called ‘Nekropolis’ on Medium.

Inez graduated from Gadjah Mada University with a Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning in 2018. She has skills in ArcGIS for Desktop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, AutoCAD, SketchUp and Adobe Photoshop. She has always been fascinated on how communities evolve through inspiring local figures.