Franco Kamanzi

Franco Kamanzi is GGGI’s Rwanda Program Officer. Before joining GGGI. Mr. Kamanzi worked as a Civil Engineer in the private sector in Canada in the oil and gas industry. He also worked for the Government of Rwanda in various senior positions as an advisor to the Minister of Infrastructure for matters related to urban planning and building and as the Director of regulations and standards at Rwanda Housing Authority. During this time, he helped improve the construction and urban planning regulatory framework by introducing and reviewing laws, policies, regulations and guidelines for the department of urbanization, human settlement and house development in the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Mr. Kamanzi brings to GGGI, a vast knowledge of the public and private sectors in Rwanda. His training as an engineer with knowledge of policies will contribute enormously for the advancement of green growth as GGGI concentrate on transforming Rwanda’s secondary cities as models of Green Development.
Mr. Kamanzi attended Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada and holds a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering.