Eyad Milhem

Eyad Milhem Built over 15 years of expertise of Projects management support and implementation of various development programs and emergency context, both national and international experience, training and education, joined GGGI Jordan program to support Green growth national action plan, GCF project and potential green growth earmarked programs. He has hands-on soft skills such time management, leadership, mentoring, creativity and problems solving , also rich experience in the domains of Anti-fraud and corruption, compliance, oversight, Project/Program management, and support such HR, Procurement, Finance, Logistics, Security and Administrations with several donors and stakeholders such WFP, UNHCR, UNICEF, USAID and government partner in Jordan and Iraq.


Eyad Milhem experience entails working across International and national organizations and private sector such MSF, Save the children International, Goal Global, UN Women, Cellular Express Inc and many more. Having work experience in the USA and the Middle East (Baghdad, Erbil, Jordan, UAE) have given him solid exposure to best business practices and always endeavor to implement organization fundamentals and vision in my assignments. With a proven ability to lead organizational development initiatives, manage operations and carry out process improvements that yield tangible results.

He leveraged and supported his expertise with International premier certifications such Certified International Procurement Manager, Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified International Recourses manager which streamline with GGGI green growth visions when It comes to 5 national green growth objectives.


Over the years Eyad Milhem was able to merge the technology and learning tools (Procurement portals, Financial recordings, budget management, HR profiles and consultants contracts managements) that facilitate the functions smoothly and enables the organization to reach project plan and objectives on time.