Dereje Senshaw

Dr. Dereje Senshaw is Principal Energy Specialist of GGGI’s Office of Thought Leadership. In this role, he provides thought leadership to a sound ‘equitable green growth’ goal, tools and approaches. His priorities are focused on generating new knowledge and insights on green growth topics, and making this knowledge available and accessible to policy-makers and the public through various publications and outreach methods; Advocating green growth through analytical insights gained from country activities, leading climate diplomacy programs and activities, and findings from knowledge sharing, South-South cooperation, and country-level capacity building activities; And also, providing technical know-how and content-based services to operational/country teams to support their transition to a sustainable energy future and to implement their Nationally Determined Contributions(NDCs) under the Paris Agreement and achieve their Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets.

Prior to the current post, he worked as Senior Energy Specialist at the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), and he was responsible for the development and execution of GGGI’s energy projects/programs in accordance with the role of the Investment and Policy Solutions Division (IPSD) within GGGI’s value chain. His work focused on the large portfolio from an advisory and technical assistance perspective, spanning all aspects of the energy system, from demand to supply, conducting (sub-) sectoral policy and technical analysis, preparing green energy plans, designing renewable energy deployment, developing bankable projects for off-grid/grid-connected renewable energy and energy efficiency, market assessments and capacity development and knowledge sharing in close interaction with operational/country teams in the Green Growth Planning and Implementation (GGP&I) Division and Investment and Policy Solutions Division (IPSD).

Prior to joining GGGI, he worked at International Climate Policies Division, Ecofys Germany where he contributed for greenhouse gas emission scenarios modeling, evaluation and quantification of energy and climate policies and international support mechanisms for low-emissions development NAMAs and low-carbon development strategies (LEDS).

Dr. Senshaw has several years of international research and advisory experience related to energy and climate change, specializing in sustainable low-carbon transitions and energy modeling from emerging and developing countries covering Asia, Africa and Latin America, with residence experience in Ethiopia, Malaysia, Germany and South Korea. He holds a PhD in Energy and Environmental Economics and an MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems and Management from the University of Flensburg in Germany. His first degree was from Addis Ababa University in Engineering (Ethiopia).

Twitter: @dazethio