Christopher Dickinson

Christopher (Chris) Dickinson is the Thematic Head of Sustainable Landscapes and Deputy Director of GGGI’s Investment and Policy Solutions Division. Chris comes with over 25 years’ experience in tackling the challenges of maintaining productive ecosystems and landscapes whilst enhancing food security, maintaining water provisioning services and building climate resilience. He has worked at all levels and across Asia and Africa, gaining extensive experience in developing nature-based solutions for supporting livelihoods and green economies. This has extended across an array of ecosystems – stretching from boreal forests and steppes in Mongolia, diverse tropical forests and mangroves in Greater Mekong Basin, to the vibrant landscapes in East Africa. His career has encompassed a diverse range of positions including with UN Agencies, including United Nations Development Program, and non-government organizations, including World Wildlife Fund and SNV – the Dutch development organization.

Chris has supported national and regional governments to design and support REDD+ programs including working for the Ethiopian REDD+ Investment Program and UN-REDD in Mongolia. In Vietnam, he led the Sustainable Landscape program of the USAID funded Vietnam Forest and Deltas Program and supported the countries transformational Payment for Ecosystem Service program, developed a provincial Green Growth Strategy and supported community-based initiatives. He also worked for WWF Vietnam and spearheaded the development of biodiversity corridors, forest landscape restoration, and community forestry. In Laos PDR, Chris was involved with a World Bank project responsible for developing sustainable forest landscape management strategies. His early career involved supporting biodiversity and conservation strategies in Uganda and Thailand involving extensive forest surveys, traversing mountains and rivers, and working with local communities. He has lectured agriculture students in the UK on countryside management and sustainability. Chris arrives at GGGI, from a position with UNDP in Ethiopia as Deputy Director of the Forest Sector Transformation Unit in Ethiopia. In this role, he supported public-private sector partnerships to unlock the environmental, economic and social potential held within Ethiopia’s forest and bamboo resources.

Chris holds a PhD degree in Tropical Forest Ecology from University of Birmingham (UK) and MSc degree in Ecology from University of Aberdeen (UK).