Chan Ho Park

Dr. Chanho Park is the Director and the Head of Programs for Latin America and Caribbean, being based in Mexico City, managing programs in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Guyana, St Lucia.

Previously, he has been engaged in leading GGGI’s Global GHGs MRV programs and country programs in the Africa and the Middle East portfolio. Chanho has been actively leading programs on developing and implementing green growth policies and strategies. Currently, he is focusing on facilitating partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders from governments, private sector, and academia to share knowledge in the field of green growth across large emerging economies. He also led and contributed for the trilateral collaboration platform program for Green Growth in China, Japan and Korea (CJK).

Before joining the GGGI, Chanho was the head of Global Legislation Research Centre in Korea Legislation Research Institute (KLRI). He was responsible for enacting “the Presidential Decree (Regulation) of Low Carbon and Green Growth”, “the Korean Green House Gases (GHGs) Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) Act and Regulation”, and Carbon Market in Korea through collaboration with the Korean Presidential Committee on Green Growth (PCGG) and other relevant ministries. And he has multiple publications in the field of comparative legal research on climate change & corporate law and legislation and governance. He was involved and contributed to the development of Green Growth policies and the establishment of regulations on green growth by establishing the GHGs Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system via joint work. He has also contributed to other Korean and other countries governmental agencies, such as UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Climate Change & Environment.

Chanho has more than 10 years of teaching experience in the international trade law and commercial & economic laws at university and graduate school.