Benjamin Tular

Benjamin Tular has over 18 years of experience in the natural resource management and community development programs in Indonesia with ICRAF (World Agroforestry Centre), CARE International, and a consortium of international NGOs. In recent years, Ben focused in an AusAID program on REDD+ demonstration activity. Joining GGGI, Ben is the Sustainable Landscape Lead for Indonesia country program, filling a unique role of accelerating green growth adoption within governments’ programs and financial plans, which has resulted in a solid commitment of government to allocate budget for green growth implementation. Ben also has specific experience in Central Kalimantan assisting the provincial government and several district governments in planning and implementing a locally appropriate green growth strategy in land-based sectors.

Early in his career, Ben had also served as program manager in various challenging programs in Indonesia, including the revitalization and rehabilitation of 1.4 million hectares degraded peatland, the implementation of participatory land-use and development planning, and collaborative natural resource management. Most of the results, including the approaches, tools and methodologies, have been adopted by the Indonesian government and other stakeholders.

In his spare time, Ben runs several business in fisheries and agroforestry, a “hobby” that still relates with his educational background on ecology.