Basil Oberholzer

Basil Oberholzer works as an economic officer at GGGI Ethiopia. In this role, he is engaged in the elaboration of Long-Term Low Emission Development Strategies (LT-LEDS) for GGGI member countries. In particular, he works on extended cost-benefit analysis of green growth policies and on green growth macroeconomic modeling. Basil also collaborates with different government entities in these projects in order to ensure exchange of know-how and develop common approaches.

Prior to working at GGGI, Basil was an economist at the Federal Office for the Environment in Switzerland where he managed projects in the fields of economic valuation of ecosystem services, evaluation of environmental policies as well as sustainable finance. He also worked with a consultancy firm engaged in the sustainability assessment of infrastructure projects in emerging and developing countries. Additionally, Basil was a member of parliament at the city and canton level in Switzerland for ten years in total where he dealt with various environmental and social sustainability issues.

Basil holds a Ph.D. in macroeconomics from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, as well as an MA and BA in economics from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. He has written several books and other academic articles on development macroeconomics and ecological economics.