Arman joined GGGI in Indonesia in early December 2020 as North Kalimantan Provincial Representative. As the youngest province in Indonesia, North Kalimantan has its own challenges. Its forest cover is excellent, but this province really needs to develop—especially its infrastructure, which is currently still limited. This will be a challenge for GGGI in supporting North Kalimantan Province to achieve their green growth targets. Arman is ready to face this challenge with his experience working in North Kalimantan from 2007 to 2020 on issues of conserving natural resources and its biodiversity, sustainable development, sustainable landscape management, and campaigns for natural resource conservation.

As a Bachelor of Forestry from the Faculty of Forestry, Mulawarman University, he has an extraordinary passion for environmental and forest conservation. Early in his career, Arman chose to work for a local institution in East Kalimantan, Yayasan BUMI, on natural resource management and environmental education. Then he worked at WWF Indonesia in North Kalimantan in 2007-2020, holding several positions, starting as Communication, Awareness and Advocacy Officer, then as Forest Coordinator, and finally as Landscape Manager.

As a forester, he really likes traveling to areas with good forests and rivers or visiting villages that still maintain their local wisdom to protect forests and natural resources. Meanwhile, when he is at home, he spends more time with his family or sometimes reads books.