Alexis Tapsoba

Alexis joined GGGI February 15th 2021, as a program officer and will be supporting the design, implementation, and promotion of the Solar Irrigation pumping system (SIPS), one of the major agricultural challenges of the Government of Burkina Faso. The program focuses on photovoltaic solar energy as an economically attractive and ecological alternative to hydrocarbon irrigation pumps for the development of the agricultural sector.

This important program requires the analysis of dynamic context, the assessing of issues, and the identification of the opportunities in the sustainable landscapes/agricultural (SL/agriculture) priorities of Burkina Faso, and their integration into the design and implementation of national program plans and activities. The program officer provides support to different technical resources for the smooth delivery of project outputs within stipulated timelines through proper communication and coordination toward stakeholders. Alexis will also play a major role in the implementation of specific projects, the monitoring of the budget, the reporting, and seeks of strategic direction.

With a solid 11 years’ experience in rural entrepreneurship and sustainable development, ex-Director of rural promotion center in western Burkina, prior officer at Agricultural Land Recovering and Conservation Office of the General Directorate of Hydro-agricultural planning and Irrigation Development of the Ministry of Agriculture of Burkina Faso, Alexis is a Rural Development Engineer trained in the National University of Nazi Boni in Burkina Faso. He holds an International Master in Soil and Water Engineering delivered by the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology in Taiwan, and he is also graduated in International Master of Business administration, and Executive Master in Eco-Innovation, both delivered by the International Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering (2iE) and the University of Paris Dauphine.