Special Coverage – GGGI at the UNGA and Climate Week: Day 1 (Sept. 21)

NEW YORK, United States of America; September 21, 2019–

GGGI Director-General, Frank Rijsberman, Assistant Director-General, Susanne Pedersen, and Director of Strategy, Partnerships, and Communications (SPC), Mahamadou Tounkara, took part in this year’s United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) through their participation in events on topics including renewable energy, carbon markets, and sustainable development, among others. Between their participation in events, the GGGI Representatives also held bilateral meetings with high-level officials to explore opportunities for collaboration and share the recent work of GGGI.

The objective of their participation in events on the sidelines of UNGA is have agreed on concrete actions that benefit the 33 GGGI Member Countries and will contribute to addressing the world’s climate emergency.


Dr Frank Rijsberman, Susanne Pedersen, and Mahamadou Tounkara held a meeting with the Director-General of IRENA, Francesco La Camera, to discuss climate investment and potential collaboration between the two organizations on advancing renewable energy deployment and energy efficiency, with the aim to promote green growth, achieve the Paris Agreement, and further climate action.


The next bilateral meeting of the day was between GGGI Director-General, Frank Rijsberman, and the Deputy Minister of Environment of Qatar, Mr. Al Sada, to welcome participation from the State of Qater in the upcoming GGGW2019 in Seoul and to offer GGGI’s support for CoP side-events. An update was also provided on the newly initiated GGGI Qatar Country Program, which started in January 2019 and was created to support the State of Qatar with its national interests on climate policy, climate data, and green growth.

For the final meeting of the day, the GGGI directors held a meeting with Rodolfo Godinez, Head of the International Affairs Unit at the Mexico Ministry of Environment, to share important developments that have occurred over the past 5 months regarding GGGI’s work in the region. Participants of the bilateral meeting also identified opportunities to strengthen the GGGI Latin America regional office and pathways for Mexico and GGGI to further their regional cooperation.

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