Solar-powered Irrigation Pumping Systems pilot phase started

Burkina Faso; September 13-17, 2021 – The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), as part as the implementation of its project “Promoting Solar-powered Irrigation Pumping Systems and Mini-grids in Burkina Faso” visited three localities named Rawelgue, Bama, and Leguema for the installation of solar-powered irrigation pumps  for project pilot phase. 5 farmers received these solar-powered Irrigation Pumping Systems based on irrigated cropping and vulnerability criteria to replace their gas or diesel-powered Engine irrigation pump. Among other elements of the vulnerability there are the lack of workforce, the monthly incomes, the lack of machines for growing, the big number of dependent people.

All of them were eager to receive these equipment’s because it was a burden for them to pay for gas, or diesel for their irrigation pumps. Financial means, health reasons and environmental damage were their concerns when using it. The Village Development Councils were there during the pump set up and the farmers’ training on how to use them. They all appreciated this action because it will contribute to their awareness actions for environment protection. Since negative effects of climate change affect villages, the population seek for means to progress sustainably in their activities. The farmer with least experience who received the pump has been farming for 20 years.

Bank negotiation for solar pumping equipment loans, as well as advocacy with partners involved in agriculture sector in the country will be organized. In the upcoming weeks pilot site visits will be organized   for riparian farmers for them to see the solar-powered pump system with its performances and its environmental advantages.