Six inspirational Pacific Women share their stories during “Women in Green Innovation in the Pacific” virtual ‘Talanoa’

8th March 2022 – Over 100 attendees from across the Pacific joined the virtual “Women in Green Innovation in the Pacific” virtual ‘talanoa’ hosted by the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and partners Emstret Space, Greenhouse Co-working, Samoa Business Hub, Tonga Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship and Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce & Industry in a special panel session to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th.

The panelists – Ms. Teruabine Anna Nuariki (Gender and Youth Officer at the Kiribati Outer Islands Food and Water Project) from Kiribati, Ms. Dorothy Kukum (Director, Community Development from Enga Provincial Government) from Papua New Guinea, Ms. Vera Chute (Managing Director of Value City) from Fiji, Dr. Rebecca Bogiri (National Manager for the Vanuatu Business Resilience Council) from Vanuatu, Ms. Tuiloma Sina Retzlaff (Founder of Samoa Global News online news site, and a Consultancy firm specialising in Professional Development training, and Strategic Planning) and Ms. Lusia Latu-Jones (Founder & Director of Tonga Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship) from Tonga – have between them a wonderful wealth and diversity of experience in green innovation and entrepreneurship, encompassing government, community development, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship support.

The virtual session was moderated by Ms. Helena McLeod, Deputy Director-General of GGGI.  Ms. McLeod set the scene stating that “Women have a vital role to play as entrepreneurs and innovators in developing solutions and innovations to build climate resilience in the region in ways that support their communities, women & girls.” She also shared that “innovation refers not only to brand new ideas, technologies or products, but also harnessing old or traditional ideas in new ways, such as re-introducing traditional cultural and indigenous ways of thinking”.

During the talanoa, they each shared their perspectives on the opportunities and challenges for women in green innovation in their countries and the region, to spark inspiration and ideas for women green entrepreneurs & innovators to take the next steps towards a sustainable tomorrow. Panelists shared how they were inspired to take action on green innovation, which included witnessing the devasting impacts of climate change and natural disasters and addressing unemployment and lack of opportunities in their communities. A broad range of crucial topics were discussed, including the importance of knowledge-sharing and skills, empowerment of rural women on a issues including climate advocacy, domestic violence and sustainable livelihoods.

At the conclusion of the session, GGGI announced that under the Pacific Green Entrepreneurs Network (PGEN), virtual networking Talanoa Tuesday’ events on Women in Green Innovation will be hosted on Zoom by GGGI and partners to enable likeminded women (& their supporters) in similar fields to share ideas, make connections and more. The sessions will be held on the first Tuesday of each month starting from Tuesday 5th April 2022.