Business Models

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E-Mobility (Scale-up) The Zero Emission Bus Rapid-deployment Accelerator ZEBRA (C40, P4G)
E-Mobility (Start-up) Accelerating E-mobility Solutions for Social Change (Siemens Stiftung, P4G)
E-Mobility (Start-up) Accelerating E-Mobility Solutions for Social Change in Rural Western Kenya (Siemens Stiffung)
E-Mobility (Start-up) Clean Fleets, Clean Cities (ICCT, P4G)
E-Mobility (Start-up)_E-Mobility Challenge for Equitable Business Models (NREL)
E-Mobility (Start-up) Green Freight Asia Vietnam (Green Freight Asia, P4G)
E-Mobility (Start-up) Pay as You Save for Clean Transport (CEW)
E-Mobility (Start-up) Raw biogas recovery project in liquefied biomethane for a clean urban transport system (SB2-4ALL)
E-Mobility (Start-up) Solar PPA Solar Leasing ESCO model (Green Yellow)
E-Mobility (Start-up) Sustainable Mobility in Cargo Transportation Colombia (Renting Colombia, P4G)
E-Mobility_(Scale-up) BUS Provision- The ROSCO model for Buses (Transfondo)
Green Industrial Parks (Scale-up) Global Eco Industrial Park Program GEIPP (MoI Indonesia)
Green Industrial Parks (Scale-up) Green & Smart Industrial Estate Model (AMATA Corp PCL, GGGI)
Green Industrial Parks (Scale-up) Green Special Economic Zones SEZ Guidelines (GGGI)
Green Industrial Parks (Scale-up) Green Transformation of Industrial Parks in Chinas Jiangsu Province (UNEP)
Green Industrial Parks (Scale-up) P4G)_Clean Energy Investment Accelerator (NREL)
Green Industrial Parks (Scale-up) PlusPlus Partnership (ICCO Foundation, P4G)
Green Industrial Parks (Scale-up) Solar Finance Facility Vietnam (GGGI)
Green Industrial Parks (Scale-up) Solar PPA Solar Leasing ESCO model (Green Yellow)
Green Industrial Parks (Scale-up) Sustainable Special Economic Zones SSEZ Africa Partnership (Systemiq, P4G)
Green Industrial Parks (Scale-up) Thailand Industrial Energy Efficiency Investment Model (GGGI)
Green Industrial Parks (Start-up) Sustainable Future for Textile Factories (Deltares)
Green Industrial Parks (Start-up)_IoT 4 Mekong Delta (Green Technology Center)