Senegal GGGWeek 2018: Unlocking Green Growth Potential In Senegal

Dakar, Senegal – November 29 – The official closing ceremony of Senegal’s GGGWeek 2018, was chaired by Mr. Amadou Lamine Guisse, Secretary General of the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development who delivered the closing address. He was preceded on the microphone by Mr. Mamadou Konate on behalf of Dr Mahamadou Tounkara, the Country Representative, Mr. Kenho Shin Counsellor in the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Senegal, and Mr Mayacine Camara, Coordinator of the General Directorate of Economic Policy Planning of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Planning.

The first edition of the GGGWeek 2018 in Senegal brought together a range of participants from government institutions, universities, donors, researchers, architects, the private sector, development aid agencies, civil society organizations, municipalities / local governments, a group of experts, we managed to gather the 9 events of GGGWeek2018, which saw more than 350 participants.

This GGGWeek 2018 allowed to make official launched the Least Developed Countries Universities Consortium on Climate Change (LUCCC) Initiative, with 5 universities which are: Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar (UCAD), Gaston Berger University of Saint Louis; University Assane Seck of Ziguinchor; Alioune Diop University of Bambey and Polytechnic High School of Thies.

A great moment was the political validation of Senegal’s national green growth strategy. This followed the technical validation and sharing at the national conference on sustainable development.

Findings from the Green Growth Readiness Study conducted in collaboration with AfDB were shared. This provided feedback and feedback from key stakeholders to enrich the report.

Sharing baseline evaluation and green job modeling was also conducted in collaboration with the ILO for comments and suggestions.

This edition enabled the Morocco Country Office to share Moroccan experiences in urban mobility through low carbon initiatives in the context of the development of green cities and territories.

The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between GGGI and the National Agricultural Bank (CNCAS) took place during this week as part of the support of GGGI for access to climate finance, including accreditation to GCF in as a National Implementing Entity (NIE).

Three Letters of Interest (LoI) for Waste Husk Rice’s Waste2Energy initiatives involving rice mills, CNCAS, Technology Providers and GGGI have been signed.

The week also featured high-level discussions on accelerating access to climate finance through green, quality – sustainable projects in the green building sector and technological innovations for secondary city development. green. Two round tables focused successively on: (i) the concept of green building, good practices in building energy efficiency, certification and legislation, making recommendations for overcoming obstacles and creating awareness interest of experts, investors and financiers; (ii) proven social and technological innovations, case studies at the national and international levels and institutional issues related to the development of green or bio-climatic buildings to start the transition of Senegalese cities towards a sustainable development model that can promote local materials.

This session was the opportunity to carry out a capacity building for the NDC planing as well as the integration of the environment economy into the training curricula. About 50 participants were trained on all of these two sessions. It is to be welcomed the collaboration with IRENA, ECREE-ECOWAS, IDEP, Korea Embassy, MAVA, OIF / IFDD, Institute of Sciences and Environment, etc. for the organization of these two sessions.

The actors agreed on the need to scale up at the institutional, programmatic and social levels. They agreed that information, communication, skills development, and social marketing for behavioral change are a priority for unlocking Green Growth potential in Senegal.

A strong recommendation from the Secretary-General representing the Minister of the Environment is to place the Global Green Growth Week on the national agenda and hold it annually.

A graduation ceremony for the readiness building session on readiness on NDC Implementing closed the first edition of the GGGWeek 2018.