Senegal GGGWeek 2018: Second biannual Green Cities Technical Committee meeting

November 28, 2018 – The second biannual meeting of the Green Cities Technical Committee was held at the Directorate General of Urban Planning and Architecture

As part of the Global Green Growth Week, the bi-annual meeting of the Green City Technical Committee was held. The purpose of this meeting is to take stock of the activities carried out during the year and to present the perspectives for 2019. The meeting was exceptionally organized within the new General Direction of Urban Planning and Architecture which co-chairs this Committee with the Association of Mayors of Senegal.

Mr. Oumar SOW, the Director General of Urban Planning and Architecture kindly presided over this meeting. In his opening speech, he praised GGGI’s approach. Mr. Mamadou KONATE, on behalf of the Country Representative, commended the availability of the DGUA and the key role that his department is playing in the Green secondary cities development process.

Mr. Ale Badara SY, GGGI Senegal Green Cities Development Specialist presented the results of the activities carried out in 2018. These focused on the implementation of the extension phase of the process at the level of 5 cities that are Touba, Dahra, Diaobe, Mboro and Fatick.

The second stage of the meeting focused on the presentation of the institutional mechanism and the financial model of the fecal sludge management project in Tivaouane. Presentations were made by Shomi Kim, Green City Analyst at GGGI HQ at Seoul and Liliane Kente, GGGI Consultant. The main recommendations made in the context of this study focused on the establishment of a guarantee fund for emptiers, the establishment of a call center and the extension of the sludge treatment plant. of Tivaouane to optimize the sludge recovery potential. The various presentations generated a lot of reactions from the participants to which the presenters provided answers.

In his speeches the GGGI ‘s Country Representative who jumped on the bandwagon, congratulated the Expert Panel set up as part of the process for providing a sustainability mechanism for scaling up. He also emphasized the opportunity offered by the Secondary Green Cities Program to maximize access to climate finance in secondary cities.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Serigne Mansour Tall, Sustainable Cities Program Coordinator at UNIDO, made a general statement and expected the meeting.