Selection of Climate-Smart Agriculture Practices in the Senegal River Valley

The Solar Irrigation Project for Climate Smart Agriculture in the Senegal River Valley is a partnership between the State of Qatar, through the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI). It aims to contribute to the reduction of poverty and greenhouse gas emissions and to improve the livelihoods of rice farmers, especially women and youth, through sustainable agricultural production and increased productivity. The project is based on a partnership with SAED, the Agricultural Bank of Senegal, and FONSIS in the implementation of a three-year pilot phase.

The project has now identified twelve pilot sites to be solarized through the supply of 1 MW to 1.5 MW of solar energy per year. On this basis, sizing and feasibility studies will be undertaken. Climate-smart agriculture practices (CSA) and a cash-for-work program to strengthen the resiliency of rice farmers will be introduced at these sites. The general approach has been to recruit consultants who have already produced an interim report on knowledge capitalization. In addition, the project team has carried out investigations and field visits to identify interesting rice-growing practices.