Samoa leads national consultation on NDC Implementation Roadmap and NDC Investment Plan

Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE), Ms. Frances Brown-Reupena, delivered the keynote speech. Source: Renewable Energy Division

The Renewable Energy Division (RED) of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) of Samoa held a national stakeholder consultation with sector experts to discuss its NDC Implementation Roadmap and NDC Investment Plan with a project pipeline in March 2021.

GGGI as an implementation partner of the NDC Hub led this consultation which was the first of its kind in-country to get feedback on the proposed mitigation actions and pipeline of projects in the priority sectors of land transport, energy, forestry, maritime, ocean, waste, and tourism sectors.

Ms. Frances Brown-Reupena, Chief Executive Officer of the MNRE delivered the keynote speech at the consultation and highlighted the importance of “extending the scope of our target sectors such as land and maritime transport, energy, tourism, waste, forestry, and marine”.

“This extension allows us to achieve more greenhouse gas emission reductions which is Samoa’s contribution to the Pacific’s goal and primary objective of aiming to cap the global temperature change to below 1.5 degrees Celsius”, said CEO Brown-Reupena.

The valuable feedback received from national experts on the crucial components of the NDC documents will form the guiding pillars of Samoa’s NDC journey.

The establishment of a robust NDC Implementation Roadmap in Samoa will complement the implementation of national policies as well as build on the work already done in transforming Samoa’s sustainable development aspirations into actionable projects. This is being done through the development of investment plans that can help draw in greater levels of public and private sector green investments.

Sector experts provided their insights and feedback into the proposed mitigation actions.
Source: Renewable Energy Division

In addition, a promising pipeline of bankable projects will help create an enabling environment that can potentially address investor risk and develop an attractive risk-return profile for Samoa’s priority actions.

As next steps, the comments and feedback received from this consultation will be incorporated into the current drafts of the NDC Implementation Roadmap and NDC Investment Plan.