Republic of Nicaragua to become the 40th Member of GGGI

SEOUL – September 16, 2021 – Today, the Republic of Nicaragua deposited its instrument of accession to become the 40th Member of GGGI. The instrument of accession was deposited by H.E. Rodrigo Coronel Kinloch, the Ambassador of the Republic of Nicaragua to the Republic of Korea, and received by Dr. Frank Rijsberman, Director-General of GGGI, in a ceremony at the organization’s Seoul headquarters.

Nicaragua will formally become a Member of GGGI on October 16, 2021. Under the Agreement of the Establishment of GGGI, a country officially becomes a Member of GGGI 30 days after the deposit of its ratification.

“GGGI is delighted to welcome Nicaragua as its newest Member and we look forward to collaborating and providing support to the country, that is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. As droughts impact agriculture and affect the livelihoods of local people, we will work together to ensure that we help enhance the quality of lives of the people and future generations,” shared Dr. Rijsberman.

“It is with great pleasure that today the Republic of Nicaragua finalizes the last step on becoming a Member Country of GGGI so we can with passion and energy support its Vision for a resilient world of strong, inclusive, and sustainable growth. Our Government of Reconciliation and National Unity has made it a priority to develop and implement a path for the betterment of the quality of life of its people while protecting our precious Planet. We are confident that GGGI will be an invaluable partner to help us achieve this important goal and wish many more countries join this wonderful organization so together we can give the future generations the Quality of Life and Pristine World they deserve,” said Ambassador Rodrigo Coronel Kinloch.

As Nicaragua is a country that is dependent on agriculture, climate change has become an extremely important element for farmers. Rain and drought seasons have become unpredictable, threatening livelihoods.