Uganda Country Planning Framework 2022 – 2027

The Uganda Country Planning Framework (CPF) is a five – year plan that sets out the priority areas for GGGI’s country program in Uganda. Building on GGGI’s previous country program, this CPF 2022-2027 aligns with relevant government policies and aims at delivering impactful outcomes in priority areas where the biggest opportunities for impact on climate action pursued through GGGI’s Global Ope1rational Priorities and programmatic solutions can be achieved.

Based on GGGI’s programmatic solutions, the following are the focus areas of the Uganda country strategy: Green Investments; Climate Action; Climate Resilient Agriculture; Waste Management and Crosscutting themes of Gender, Equality and Social Inclusion. These programmatic solutions are aimed at directly supporting the following National Development Plan (NDP) III Programmes: Natural Resources, Environment, Climate Change, Land and Water Management;  Agro industrialization;  Private Sector Development; Manufacturing; Energy Development Programme; and Sustainable Urbanization and Housing.

This CPF, with a strong focus on green investments and climate action, will contribute towards a clean, green growth pathway for Uganda through offering direct support to the NDP III.