Tonga’s NDC Review Report 2020

At a Glance

Publication Date September 2020
Format pdf
Countries Pacific, Tonga
Thematic Area NDCs

This report presents the progress made towards achieving the targets set in Tonga’s 2015 INDC. It also presents a set of recommendations to be considered for the development of the country’s 2020 NDC. The Department of Climate Change seeks input from all relevant stakeholders on the findings of this report as guidance for drafting Tonga’s 2020 NDC. The department expects to draft the 2020 NDC in the fourth quarter of this year.

This report is one of the deliverables of the project Review and Enhancement of Tonga Nationally Determined Contribution. The project is part of the Regional Pacific NDC Hub’s support to the Government of Tonga in implementing, enhancing and financing its NDCs. The project is being led by the Department of Climate Change and implemented by the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), on behalf of the Regional Pacific NDC Hub.