Thailand Country Planning Framework: 2017 – 2021

At a Glance

Publication Date January 2017
Format pdf
Country Thailand
Thematic Area Cross Cutting

To assist the country in achieving its development objectives laid out Thailand 4.0–which relies on a value-based economy, innovation and technology, and a low carbon society–the overall objective of the CPF is to support the country in delivering its 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan (NESDP), greenhouse gas reduction targets under the Paris Agreement, and renewable energy and energy efficiency targets. Two potential areas of work were also identified, including: a) energy in industry; and b) green cities development.

In terms of energy in industry, GGGI aims to work with the country to increase investment in renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) in the industrial sector. Potential activities include, strengthening government capacity on NDC implementation, developing an NDC action plan, developing a pipeline of bankable green projects for both renewable energy and energy efficiency, increasing awareness on NDC implementation, and working on policies and regulations to improve the enabling conditions for effective NDC implementation. These activities will support the country in achieving its targets on reduced national energy intensity, renewable energy in final energy consumption, and GHG emissions reduction.

In the area of green cities development, GGGI aims to work with the country to develop low-carbon, climate-resilient and livable cities that contribute to sustainable economic development and fair regional income distribution. Examples of potential activities include, mainstreaming green growth and climate resilience into urban development, supporting green city development, and strengthening local capacity on green city development. These activities will support the country’s goals of GDP growth, GHG emissions reduction, and reduced air pollution emissions.

The CPF builds on GGGI’s strong engagement in the country since 2014. GGGI worked together with the government to develop the Industry GHG Reduction Roadmap for the Industrial Sector which was completed in 2016. Currently, GGGI is working to accelerate NDC implementation especially in the industrial sector.