Sustainable Solid Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan for Vientiane 2021-2030 (English)

At a Glance

Publication Date February 2022
Format pdf
Country Lao PDR
Thematic Area Waste

The sustainable solid waste management strategy and action plan for Vientiane 2021-2030 (“The strategy”) presents a vision, six strategic outcomes, medium and long-term targets, and an associated work plan to improve the waste sector. It also lays out a basic framework for a paradigm shift from waste management toward resource management approaches that can eventually maximize waste-to-resource opportunities in Vientiane, Lao PDR.

The strategy includes six strategic outcomes: i) increase access to adequate waste collection services by ensuring 100% collection rate, ii) maximize waste-to-resource opportunities through adoption of source separation, iii) maximize the material recovery rate by increasing the waste treatment capacity, iv) minimize waste generation, v) improve the financial and operational efficiency of the sector, and vi) foster green/decent job opportunities for the informal sector in the waste management.

The strategy was officially endorsed by the mayor of Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR in October 2021 published both in English and Lao language.


English version

Lao version