Support for NDC Enhancement and Implementation

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Publication Date March 2023
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Thematic Area Cross Cutting

GGGI as Delivery Partner on Climate Action Instruments

GGGI supports its Member and partner governments as a long-term embedded advisor in achieving enhanced NDC and SDG ambitions. GGGI’s strong relationships with partner goverments and in-country staff provides local economic, social and environmental insight and create a long-term platform for stakeholder engagement, capacity building with the aim to bring climate and green growth planning towards bankable projects and mobilization of finance. To date, over 39 countries have requested GGGI support on climate readiness, and GGGI is supporting the implementation of climate action in all country operations.

GGGI Climate Action Service Offering

A fundamental step in transforming economies toward a low-emission, green growth development is to have governments adopt and implement the right policies, propelling GGGI to give priority to the following actions:

  • Develop long-term low-emission development strategies (LT-LEDS) aligned with the Paris Agreement with increased national capacity to undertake science-informed modeling and target setting;
  • Strengthen measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) systems and build related capacity of Members to effectively report their actions and inform future enhancement actions;
  • Revise NDCs and align national, subnational, and sectoral policies and plans to create the enabling environment for green growth and climate investments;
  • National Adaptation Plans (NAP) provide an opportunity to engage in long-term adaptation planning, integrate adaptation into existing planning processes, identify how to address climate risk given a variety of constraints, and leverage international climate finance for adaptation;
  • Translating LT-LEDS, NDCs and national climate strategies into transformational bankable projects that can secure financing and ultimately increase public and private sector capital flows including under Article 6 markets;
  • Focus on socio-economic co-benefits through assessments and capacity building on green jobs, gender equality, social inclusion and poverty alleviation to ensure political support and public demand for climate action.

GGGI is already supporting its Members in these activities through coordinated efforts with the GCF, NDC Partnership and bilateral development partners, and is looking to expand work in this area to meet the demand.