Second Joint Donor Review (2013)

In September 2013, second Joint Donor Review (JDR) was conducted by representatives from Australia, Norway, Republic of Korea, and Denmark. The objective of this Review was primarily to assess GGGI’s Green Growth Planning and Implementation programs, including related aspects of research, public-private cooperation operations and governance structures and partnership behaviors, to provide recommendations for their further development.

Members of the JDR Team

  1. Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID);
  2. Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA);
  3. Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA);
  4. Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD)

Key findings

  • GGGI’s management team is responding to the urgent need of building and professionalizing all aspects of the organization, operation and management.
  • GGGI has been successful in its objective of establishing its role as a trusted adviser to governments, and its partnership approach is a key feature of business model.
  • GGGI country staff are competent and dedicated, but they need more support from headquarters through improved communication and information flow between them.
  • GGGI needs better integration between country planning, public-private cooperation, and knowledge sharing, as well as consolidation of the organization’s activities.
  • GGGI needs to strengthen external communication to raise its international profile, to demonstrate its added value, and to clarify its niche.


  • The Council should assist GGGI to make solutions to the immediate unstable financial situation and support the establishment of a long-term viable financing model.
  • GGGI should limit expansion into new countries and focus on consolidation and professionalization, with expansion in line with the overall strategy.
  • GGGI identity and strategy have to be owned and consistently interpreted in the same way by all staff, management, and governing bodies.
  • In addition to having strong subject matter competences, all GGGI staff needs competences in change management, political economy, environmental management and development cooperation.
  • Country programs should have a clear strategic focus, drawing on participation at the local level through cooperation with stakeholders at the local and national level.
  • A new joint donor review should take place no later than in 2015. Consideration should be given to the inclusion of non-donor members in the next review process, potentially drawn from GGGI Council’s Program Sub-committee.