Rapid Building Performance Assessment of Administrative Office Complex, Kigali, Rwanda

Greening existing public buildings in Rwanda is a project initiated by the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in 2020 with support from partners including the Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA), Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA), and Ministry of Environment (MoE), to improve the performance of existing public building stock in Rwanda based on green building parameters. The project is a scale-up of Rwanda Green Building Minimum Compliance System which is part of Rwanda Building Code 2019 and aims to provide pathways to green existing public buildings in Rwanda.

The purpose of this report on ‘Rapid Building Performance Assessment of Administrative Office Complex (AOC), Kigali, Rwanda’ is to provide the Government of Rwanda, as the building owner, an opportunity to understand how their building is performing on key resource efficiency parameters (energy, water and waste) by benchmarking against similar facilities within comparable context, and suggest a list of recommendations for improvement and the associated climate actions and operational cost savings with an aim to convert the existing building into a green building.