Nyandungu Wetland Eco-Park

At a Glance

The Nyangdungu Wetland Eco-Park will not only provide social and economic benefits to the communities but also supported innovative approaches to restore and conserve wetland ecosystems on about 134 Ha, promote the sustainable management of natural resources and support livelihood diversification to enhance incomes for local communities. This newly constructed Wetland Eco-Park also responds to Green Economy in the EDPRS II and one of the aspirations of the Vision 2050 of developing green cities.

The abundant vegetation in urban wetlands, acts as a filter for domestic and industrial waste and this contributes to improving water quality. Urban wetlands supply cities with water and are green spaces for recreation which helps to promote human wellbeing. To address this issue, the government of Rwanda has completed the construction of the Nyandungu Wetland Eco-Park that will  improve the ecological functioning, aesthetics and recreational potential of the wetland areas of Nyandungu in Kigali City.

Recognizing the importance of native tree species in terms of enhancing biodiversity and species richness, and the lack of of knowledge on how to propagate those indigenous species, the new Eco-Park was an opportunity to rehabilitate wetlands with indigenous species.