Mainstreaming Climate Resilience in MGNREGS-Summary Report

At a Glance

Publication Date November 2019
Format pdf
Country India
Thematic Areas Climate Resilient and Green Growth, Sustainable Landscapes, Climate-Smart Agriculture

Mainstreaming Climate Resilience in MGNREGS-Summary Report” summarizes the findings and suggestions made in the full report “Mainstreaming Climate Resilience in Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS)”. The reports are based on field surveys and interactions with MGNREGS officials at Ministry of Rural Development, GoI and State Government officials of Haryana and West Bengal.

West Bengal and Haryana were selected for the study as they present a contrasting picture of vulnerability and MGNREGA implementation. Through secondary data and field visits, the study has assessed the vulnerability context in 2 districts of each state to identify the required interventions. It further looks at MGNREGS to assess its existing contribution to reduce the vulnerability and identify gaps if any. Through several examples, the study highlights how MGNREGA works are already playing a very crucial role but have a much greater potential to mainstream climate resilience and reduce the vulnerabilities of rural communities.

The study recommends planning and execution of MGNREGS works within the vulnerability context and lays emphasis on tracking the interventions in the highly vulnerable districts of the country. If MGNREGA has to realize its true potential, climate resilient planning, monitoring and reporting must take a centre stage. As a starting point, the schedule of the MGNREG Act should integrate climate resilience.