Green Growth Planning Guidelines

At a Glance

Publication Date October 2016
Format pdf

GGGI developed these guidelines to help new country programs have a road map for green growth planning, using lessons from country studies distilled along the GGGI Value Chain through process evaluation. It recommends that country programs follow GGGI’s operating principles in providing host governments with value propositions for strategic analysis, capacity support, and stakeholder coordination.

The green growth planning process employs a problem-solving approach to public policy development which can be used anywhere regardless of distinct differences among countries, whether that be income levels or development histories. Aligning with the GGGI Value Chain, this high-level process starts with a diagnosis of developmental issues for green growth, followed by a comprehensive assessment of green growth opportunities at macro and sectoral levels, prioritization and sequencing of a series of implementation actions, building of institutional and human capacity for implementation, and, finally, progress monitoring, learning, and evaluation.