Green Growth Innovation: New Pathways for International Cooperation

At a Glance


GGGI – Brookings Institution Report – Green Growth Innovation: New Pathways for International Cooperation. GGGI and Brookings have teamed together to produce a report about international initiatives that support green growth. In this analysis, we seek to elucidate the areas for new international partnerships or cooperation that could be most effective in this transformation. We do this first by reviewing the components of a successful innovation “ecosystem.” We then present and analyze a large set of existing international initiatives that aim to support green growth, and identify strengths and gaps in the existing infrastructure. We assess the needs and pragmatic constraints on international institutions, and recommend an integrated, four-part approach to spur innovation partnerships in developing countries. We conclude that, by linking national governments, the private sector, and the international community, a collaborative effort can make concrete improvements in four key green innovation areas: Cultivating technical knowledge in green technologies; Facilitating existing entrepreneurial cultures; Providing new models and opportunities for financing and intellectual property sharing; and Large scale financing for demonstration and deployment of complex but transformative new technologies.
Publication Date: Monday, 12 November, 2012