Green Climate Fund Country Programme and No-Objective Procedure of Papua New Guinea: Webinar Report

At a Glance

Publication Date May 2020
Format pdf
Country Papua New Guinea
Thematic Area Cross Cutting

As part of PNG’s GCF Readiness project, the Climate Change & Development Authority (CCDA) has organized an interactive forum webinar to discuss, review and solicit feedback on the No-Objection Procedure and the GCF Country Programme. The webinar was facilitated by the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) as the delivery partner of the project with technical support provided by USAID Climate Ready. The objective of this webinar was to present the draft PNG GCF Country Programme and No-Objection Procedure for review and stakeholder feedback. The Webinar provided an opportunity for stakeholders to gain an understanding of and provide feedback on these documents. The webinar brought together expertise from stakeholders in Papua New Guinea and other parts of the world, and input was solicited from participants to strengthen the Papua New Guinea GCF Country Programme and No-Objection Procedure.