GGGI Philippines Report: Eco-town Framework

At a Glance

Publication Date October 2014
Format pdf
Country Philippines
Thematic Area Cross Cutting

To help build the country’s climate resilience and promote green growth, the Climate Change Commission (CCC) has partnered with the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) to implement the Demonstration of Eco-town Framework Project in the Municipality of San Vicente, Palawan. The project aimed to reduce the vulnerability of communities and ecosystems to climate change impacts and promote adaptation measures as drivers of economic growth. While actively involving the municipality and stakeholders, the project adopted a methodical approach in assessing climate change impacts. The project team used analytical tools, such as GIS-informed hazard and risk assessments, environmental and natural resource accounting, and vulnerability assessments to ensure that there was an objective basis for formulating practical interventions to mitigate these negative impacts.

This report, which integrates the project results and recommendations, is a key instrument to advocate climate change awareness and provide guidance to stakeholders and decision-makers in pursuing ““ecologically stable”” and ““economically resilient”” local communities. It comes at a very opportune time as we actively support the implementation of the National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP) at the local level.